Ice Age 50 Ultramarathon Packing List
Ice Age 50 Ultramarathon Packing List

Tonight kicks off an epic long weekend for me (and my awesome supportive husband, Cody) as we embark on a journey by bus, plane, car, foot and then do it all again in reverse. I’m running the Ice Age Trail 50 mile race in south eastern Wisconsin and so being from Wisconsin originally, this is my chance to come back to my home state and challenge myself while my whole family cheers from the aid stations. In the next 72ish hours we’ll be traveling for over 20 of them and I’ll be running for (hopefully under) 12 (through the rain, if not thunderstorms, all the way according to the weatherperson).

Considering the facts, I find myself wondering why I’m so giddily excited for something that sounds so awful. I guess some of that is explained here. As I was packing last night, I put on the Barkley Marathon documentary for the second time and felt slightly less masochistic (it’s called “the race that eats its young” for a reason).

Anyways, here’s what I’m packing for my first 50 miler, in case anyone out there is curious.

Wear (and backups)



And that ought to do it. Cody will be carting around all the stuff I don’t keep on me while I run (the chargers and most of the snacks, change of clothes, etc). Did I mention that I have the best husband who’s willing to give up a weekend to travel all this way to stand around in the rain all day and occasionally deal with a hangry me? Race report coming in a few days – here we go!